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The Full Story

Getting to know ME is an adventure in itself. There is so much to share that can't be summed up in one brief page....


Ethnicity: German and Japanese

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Bright Vibrant Grey

5’10 and long legs! 

32A - 24 - 34,

120 lbs

Shoe size – 9.5/10


Flower- Daisy, Poppy

Foods- Japanese food, Russian food, Seafood

Beverage- Coffee, exotic teas

Color- Burnt Orange, Black, Light Blue, Red

Animal- Snake, Cat

Perfume- Tom Ford Oud Wood, YSL Black Opium



My main hobby is art. I do digital illustrations but also fine art paintings/pieces as well.


I enjoy baking and eating pastries, sweets, and cakes.


I love shopping and have a special knack for shoes and bags.

I love high fashion!!


I ABSOLUTELY love Japanese culture. I love the efficiency, professionalism, tidiness, perfection and grace of the culture. I am well cultured and have traveled throughout both Europe and Asia.


I love a good religious/philosophical debate/conversation with open minded individuals. I am always open to learning something new!


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