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An inside look at our sexual awakening

Quality sex nurtures your body. It releases stress, is good for your heart health, your skin, your fitness, suppleness and so much more.

Quality sex also nurtures your mind and emotions. It’s fun, it’s creative, it’s connecting, and keeps you feeling relaxed, calm, bonded and loved up.

It’s about the healthiest activity you can engage in!

It goes much deeper though than just being physically good for you, and even deeper than having a positive effect mentally and emotionally. It goes right to your soul. Quality sex nurtures your soul.

When you are able to create the level of connection and safety, through self-awareness and communication, that enables you to engage sexually with presence, vulnerability, authenticity, the quality of experience becomes so freeing and joyful. This is a level of freedom beyond just stress release. It’s a sense of expansiveness that feels transcendent. And it’s a sense of joy that is more than just fun and happiness, it is experiencing a core vitality and a joyfulness of life and love.

It’s an altered state of consciousness, with transcendent states of bliss and flow where you’ve let go of control, there’s no expectation or pressure. It’s two authentic lovers coming together to co-create an experience of pleasure and connection moment by moment.

This is what sex can ultimately be. All the way from a gentle cuddle under the sheets as you drift off to sleep through to hours of experimentation and play. When it’s entered into and experienced in this way it becomes a part of life that nourishes you, individually and as a couple, at the deepest levels of body, mind and soul.

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